The Advantages Of Using A Recruitment Agency

You are looking to fill an accounts payable role. What are some of the benefits of using a recruitment agency to help you with your search?

Recruitment agencies can speed up the hiring process, save you time and provide high quality candidates.

Here are 6 reasons you should use a recruitment agency for your next hire.

Saving you time

The process of collecting and reviewing masses of CV’s can be a time consuming process that can take your focus away from day to day tasks which still need to be done. An agency will look at your job description and match the skills and experiences to staff in their database who would be a fit for the job.

Pick your hire from a larger pool of talent

Accounts payable roles are increasingly being sourced through agencies and serious candidates will team up with an agency that specializes in finance in order to be notified of opportunites. Having larger pool of candidates is much better than having a limited selection and having to make do with a less than ideal candidate because you need the new person to start urgently.

Speeding up the hiring process

When someone leaves your team, the best case scenario is usually that they give one months notice and work it through but its often less and that relies on the existing staff member seeing it though. Staff working at other companies can also have to give up to onemonths notice and realistically they cannot do so until they have received and accepted a job offer from you.

This is where recruiters, with their knowledge of their candidate’s job situations will be able provide candidates that have little or no notice period to get started. 

Minimizes risk of the new starter not working out

Agencies will send you the best staff for the position and in some cases provide a replacement guarantee because it is in their interest to provide for its customers. If the new starter doesn’t work out, either through not being up to the task or leaving, the agency can quickly find a replacement, instead of you having to go back to starting the whole process of interviewing, making job offers and waiting for the job offer to be accepted and notices to be worked. 

Helps you stick to a budget

Recruitment agencies will know its candidates salary expectations and rates at which they have placed their candidates in the past. So will be able to provide candidates that match what you have allocated to the hiring process.

Existing relationships make the process smoother

Recruiters have often worked with their candidates for many years of their careers so will have knowledge of their working history and their suitibility for roles and can help as a middleman your new starter has any issues. If you have already used a given agency before it can be even easier to get started when they are an approved supplier on your system.


In conclusion, if you need a new starter, an agency can be their to send the perfect new starter your way quickly and save you a lot of the leg work and should be especially considered if you have budget allocated for this reason.

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